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The Terms of Use include the conditions under which we make our Website and Services available to users/visitors. The Terms of Use are fully harmonized with the terms and principles of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. The use of our Services is also subject to the Cookie Policy and the Privacy Policy, which covers the way we process your personal data in order to provide you with the service you requested. Between the website, hereinafter referred to as “The Website” and on the other hand each user of the website hereinafter referred to as “The User/visitor” the following were agreed: Preamble the Website provides services for educational programs that it carries out.

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1. The user’s relationship with the Website

The visitor must register on a special submission form in order to create a user and have the right to enter the platform, accepting the current terms and conditions of use of this Website.

2. Provision of Services by the Website

The services provided by the Website relate exclusively to the information of the users. Although the Website has made every effort to ensure that the data is true and accurate, it is not responsible for the correctness and completeness of the data, nor for the actions of its members-users. The parties accept and agree that the Website may interrupt (permanently or temporarily) the provision of the Services (or any elements of the Services) to any user at its absolute discretion without prior notice to him, if it is found that there is non-compliance with the terms of use. The user is entitled to stop using the Services at any time and is not obliged to specifically inform the Website when he stops using the Services. The parties accept and agree that if the Website cancels access to a user’s account, he may not be allowed access to the Services, the information of his account or any files or other content contained in his account.

3. Passwords and Account Security

The User accepts and understands that he is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the passwords associated with any account, which he uses for his access to the platform. Correspondingly, the User agrees and accepts that he is solely responsible towards the Website and towards any third party for any activity which takes place through his account. In case the User perceives any unauthorized use of his own password or his account, he agrees that he will immediately notify the Website at the email address DAISSy HOU bears no responsibility for any damage or harm caused to third parties by the actions of users/visitors, through this website.

4. Exclusion of Guarantees

DAISSy HOU makes every possible effort for the good operation of its network, but does not guarantee the correctness, completeness or availability of the contents, websites, services,

options or the results from their use, nor the operation of its servers, uninterrupted, without any kind of errors or free from viruses, malicious software or other similar elements. Therefore, DAISSy HOU is not responsible, under any circumstances, for any form of damage suffered by the users/visitors of the websites, services, options and contents of the Website from actions of third parties or contractors who may have had a contractual obligation with DAISSy HOU, but in this case, DAISSy HOU will make every possible effort to resolve the problem. Users/visitors are solely responsible for any damage they cause to this website, due to bad or unfair use of the related services.

5. Limitation of Liability

DAISSy HOU through this, Website, makes every possible effort so that the content, services as well as the information it provides and displays on it, are characterized by accuracy, clarity, correctness and completeness. It does not bear responsibility for any claims, civil or criminal nature nor for any possible damage (positive, special or consequential) of the users/visitors, except in the case where there is written, proven fault, on its part. The Website may refer to third-party websites via links (hyperlinks), with the exclusive purpose of informing and facilitating the users/visitors. DAISSy HOU does not control the content and the personal data protection policy of other websites. The placement of the links does not constitute an indication of approval or acceptance of the views and contents, by DAISSy HOU that they express, publish or post. With any activation of the links, the users/visitors leave the Website of DAISSy HOU and from now on, are subject to the terms of use of the third parties. The Foundation bears no responsibility for their content and any damage arising from their use as the user/visitor has access to them, at his own responsibility.

6. Modifications of the Terms

The Website may from time to time modify its Terms and Conditions of Use. When the above modifications are made, the Website will provide a new modified version of the Terms and Conditions of Use at the electronic address The present 1st edition is with posting date: 12-01-2024. For this reason, users are encouraged to visit this website regularly. The parties accept and agree that if the User uses the Services, after the date on which the Terms and Conditions of Use were modified, the Website will consider the above use by the User as acceptance of the updated Terms and Conditions of Use


With this Privacy Policy, we would like to inform you about the way we collect your personal data, the purposes and characteristics of our processing, as well as your rights and the choices you can make regarding the use and protection of your data.

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1. Data Controller Contact Information:

DAISSy HOU Aristotelous Street 18, P.C. 26 335,


2. Data Protection Officer and Supervisory Authority

The subjects of Personal Data (hereinafter referred to as PD) can communicate and submit questions, related to the processing and protection of their PD at the e-mail address: The Personal Data Protection Authority is the competent, supervisory authority for the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons against the processing of their personal data.

3. Purpose of processing

The PD that are collected and processed by DAISSy HOU, are absolutely necessary/essential.

4. Legal basis for processing

The legal basis for the processing of PD is the provision of consent by the subjects of the PD.

5. Processing of PD

DAISSy HOU is committed to ensuring that all necessary procedures will be followed by it, in order to ensure the protection of PD. All PD, which will result from collection and/or processing, will not be used by DAISSy HOU for any other purpose, other than that of providing information, education from the platform The PD that DAISSy HOU collects and processes are identification data (name, ID and password), online identity identification elements derived from their devices, applications, tools and protocols, such as the IP address of the device (e.g., computer), with which users connect, necessary “cookies” that are recorded on the educational platform, date and time of connection to the educational platform and results of tests/quizzes.

6. Recipients and Transfer of PD

Access to PD is only available to the competent, authorized personnel of DAISSy HOU, in the context of the execution of the duties assigned to it by the data controller. It is ensured, through a written contract, that access to PD is subject to strict, contractual confidentiality

obligations, that PD are processed only for the above purpose. The obligation to comply with the above, burdens, in perpetuity, the authorized personnel, that is, even after the termination of its contractual relationship.

7. Data Retention Time

The PD are collected, maintained and processed, only, during the implementation of the project. The electronic file is stored in a secure environment of DAISSy HOU, for the duration of implementation and completion of the project evaluation and in any case not more than five (5) years. After the lapse of the year, these specific data are deleted/destroyed by the Data Controller, in a secure way so that it is not possible to identify the subjects and to exclude, in every way, the illegal and unfair processing of them.

8. Technical and Organizational Measures

DAISSy HOU, from the design of the electronic platform, takes and applies the appropriate technical and organizational measures (a. Distinct roles of system users and corresponding access rights, b. Provision of appropriate training to system users, according to their duties, c. Keeping logs of the actions performed on the system data, d. Keeping backup files, e. Use of antivirus programs and firewalls), in order to proceed by default to process only the PD that are necessary for education and to ensure the appropriate level of security against the risks arising from the processing of PD, in the context of distance education, especially, from accidental or illegal destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access to PD that have been transmitted, stored or otherwise subjected to processing.

9. Rights of the data subjects

Users, as subjects of PD, have the following rights: i. Right to information. ii. Right of access, iii. Right to rectification, iv. Right to erasure, v. Right to restrict processing, vi. Right to data portability, vii. Right to object and viii. Right to human intervention. In any case, you can communicate with an electronic message at in order to be informed about the existence of a personal file with PD and to exercise the above rights, under specific conditions, provided there is no restriction from the applicable, legal obligations and responsibilities of DAISSy HOU.

10. Updates-modifications, edition and validity of the Policy

DAISSy HOU can modify this Policy, whenever this is deemed appropriate. The Policy is posted on the platform The current version of the privacy policy for the DAISSy MOOC platform is the 1st edition and its posting date is 12-01-2024. For this reason, users are encouraged to visit this website regularly.


We use absolutely necessary “cookies” for the operation of the Website and the maintenance of your connection.

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Which “Cookies” are used by the website

The website, like all websites, in order to operate smoothly and serve the user to the maximum, uses “cookies”. Below are the ones that are used:


  • MoodleSession: Preserves access when switching between pages and is deleted when the browser is closed.